Knowledge Is Power: What Does Your Subconscious Mind Actually Do For You?

The Subconscious Mind And More

Contrary to popular belief your subconscious mind isn’t just storage space for for your negative beliefs. Your subconscious mind is vital for your survival. We’ll explore here what the subconscious mind is responsible for and the most effective attitude towards it. Sometimes just a paradigm shift is all that is needed for change.

The subconscious mind, which means under the conscious mind, is sometimes called the unconscious mind. Consciousness is another word for awareness. Your conscious mind is the part of you that is aware of everything that is going on around you. Your unconscious mind, just means the part of your mind that does not share the same awareness.

However, to make things a little bit more complicated and weird, you’re aware of your unconscious mind as much as you’re aware of your environment and you are also aware of your awareness. You may know what I mean if you’ve experienced it but I’ll try to demonstrate it for those who haven’t.

Basically its the awareness of your self and particularly an awareness of you’re own thoughts. Its kind of like the YOU of yourself. The self which is above and beyond mind and body! Its a bit of an out of body experience which makes sense because its the awareness of your body and mind.

The Unconscious Mind’s Role

The role of the unconscious mind is extremely important and often understated.

  • Operation of the body – your mind runs your whole system. Your breathing, heartbeat, digestion, immune system, internal organs etc. It knows about the correct function of your body more than you do and more than the most eminent scientists.
  • Preservation – its a fierce fighter for the survival and wellbeing of your body and will not allow anything to infiltrate and hurt you physically or emotionally.
  • Memories – it will store all your memories in the most fascinating way. Extremely traumatic ones may be put away until it decides you’re able to tackle them and happy ones are always available to retrieve.

How Does It Communicate With You?

Your subconscious mind has very interesting ways of communicating with you.

  • Emotions – they are there to tell you to react and it gives you the energy to do so. Such as fear to tell you to protect yourself (it also activates a lot of internal protective mechanisms in such situations), anger to overcome obstacles etc.
  • Urges and impulses – often you feel propelled in a specific direction by an unknown force. “I don’t know, it just feels like the right thing to do.” etc.

How Do You Communicate With It?

This last part is quite amazing. This soft approach will make life easier for you. Try it out when you can.

  • Like a young child – your subconscious mind is very similar to a young child. It:
    • Needs very clear directions.
    • Takes your instructions literally – if you say, “I’m sick and tired of…”, you might end up feeling sick and .
    • Is very moral – as much as it picked up from your parents and mentors.
  • Absorbs images not words – if you speak in the negative, “I’ll will not eat this cake”, your mind conjures an image of you eating cake. The “not” gets lost on the side as it is a negative. Rather say “I need to get to work, now.” or “I feel full and satisfied”.
  • The unconscious mind doesn’t like pain so if you tell it that this situation is painful and hurts it responds better.

Knowledge is power. If you utilize this knowledge you will be able to create change a lot faster.

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