Are You Being Brainwashed By Ads?

The answer is YES. If they were not managing to persuade people to buy their products or services they would not be paying for advertising. Ads, especially digital ones, are a multi-billion dollar industry. Over $500,000,000,000 were spent on advertising in 2019. So it must be really effective and you and I are the targets. From fashion to shampoo our brains are constantly being bombarded in every direction. Ads are only getting more attractive and luring with the ever advancing technology.

How Are We Being Brainwashed By Ads?

There are many methods used by markerters to entice us to buy their product. All these methods are essentially using covert hypnosis to attract you. They’ll employ every trick in the book to tug on your subconscious mind in an innocent fashion without you even being aware of it. If you could watch your brain in slow motion when you watch commercials you would see your brain absorbing the ad and physically changing whether you like it or not.

There are those of you who are saying to themselves “I don’t pay attention to ads”, “I ignore the commercials,” etc. Just to let you know you are the best target for the markerters because when you listen with half an ear or just glance at an ad since your conscious decision-making defenses are down you are much more susceptible to their message. The ads are counting on people like you!

Is it possible to withstand the manipulation of these flashy advertisements? So how can YOU decide what you really want?

5 Steps To Avoid Being Brainwashed By Ads

Step #1 Know Yourself

Get to know yourself better and who you really are. What is you’re overall inherent nature? Are you creative, emotional, sensitive, very structured, dominating etc? Are you a thinker, a dreamer, a doer, a visionary etc? Are you introverted or extroverted?

To emphasize, I do not mean to ask what are you like now because you may have conditioned yourself because of your family or society. I mean to ask who YOU really are. What are YOUR beautiful charachteristics and attributes especially the ones that have not flowered yet? What are your natural skills? What do you always gravitate towards?

These questions are just examples to stimulate your mind to dig in deep and discover yourself. Ideally you should spend some time with yourself in an outdoor green environment without disturbances. You’ve got the best chances of finding out your true self like that.

Step #2 Learn To Differentiate Between Reaction & Reason

Once you know yourself a bit more you’re better able to determine the motivation of your actions and decisions. The reason being because you’ll now know whether you’re doing it because its something that YOU want (reason) or whether its something thats been planted in your brain by an ad (reaction).

Does it resonate with your character or is the motivation coming from an outside influence?

Step #3 Ask Yourself By Every Decision

A useful way of figuring out your motivation is to ask yourself the following question before you go ahead with anything. Do you really want this item or service? Do you really want to go ahead with this action? And I mean YOU. Do YOU want it? This is an effective way of provoking your mind to come up with a good reason for proceeding.

Broadly speaking if the answer to your question is a confident resounding ‘yes’ then you could safely assume that its something you really want. However, if there is niggly feeling of doubt you might just be the product of some outside influence.

Step #4 Check Out The Product Properly

This step is like the last wall of defense between you and the product you’re considering spending money on. Check out the product/service/potential date thoroughly. Are you getting value for money? Is it all it seems to be? What sits behind all the glossy outer packaging?

If you do your homework properly you’re in safe hands. Even if your decision is more of a reactive choice ypu could be rest assured you are getting something of quality which really serves your needs.

Step #5 Try Out Something New

The last step on this journey might actually be the most effective of all 5 steps. Its not full of deep analysis and its extremely simple. Just try out something new; go for a different brand.

Sometimes we are so set on whats good/right/the best, we can’t even see the forest for the trees. Exploring new ground challenges your mind in the most profound way. It could be the catslyst for a whole lot of positive changes in your life.

After implementing these steps in your day-to-day life you won’t look at advertising and products in the same way. You’ll be empowered to make decisions that are best for you and not choices that suit some wealthy tycoon.

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