10 Facts About Your Subconscious Mind That Will Blow Your Mind Away

I want to share with you some fascinating facts about the subconscious mind that you have probably never heard of before. Some of them are literally life-changing. And with some others you can actually experience a little bit of the ever elusive subconscious mind and its power.

#1 Brain Superpower

You brain is a superpower. An adult brain according to some has the capacity to hold up to 2.5 million gigabytes of digital memory which is comparable to 12 billion books. To put this into perspective if you put that amount of books side by side they can reach up to the moon and back.

Some scientists say that you there is no way of measuring the capacity of the brain and it could hold an infinite amount of knowledge.

But most of this information is being used in an automatic way in your subconscious mind. Only up to 10% of your mind is being engaged by the conscious mind.

#2 Kids Minds Are Like Modelling Clay

Adults have the ability to be critical of information they recieve and decide whether it should be retained in the conscious mind somewhat like a filter.

Kids minds, however, are basically in a constant hypnotic state and everything you say to them goes straight to their subconscious. This is because kids brain wave frequencies are slower than adults, they are in the Theta range. Therefore most of your beliefs are set by the time you are 8 years old.

Parents and teachers literally have the power to mould kids brains. They could boost a childs confidence for life or, on the contrary, introduce anxiety and fear.

Which means that your parents, teachers and mentors had the most impact on you altering your life for the good… and the bad. Don’t tell this to your parents/kids!

#3 What Is The Time?

Did you know that hypnotised subjects can count seconds and minutes pretty accurately?

When they are told to do a certain action after 3 minutes they are pretty much on the mark. This tells us that your mind is more aware of time than you are. Some people can actually tell you the time at any given moment.

You can experience this yourself with the following tried and proven experiment. Tonight when you go to bed repeat to yourself a few times what time you want to get up in the morning and focus on that time for a few seconds. Switch off your alarm clock and go to sleep.

You’ll be surprised to see that your subconscious mind will wake you up at that exact time!

#4 Tsih Tleti Si Nto A Samkeit!

Lkoo ta hist puctire. Thaw od uoy ese?

A tirganle? That’s two points for your subconscious mind.

You just experienced the power of the subconscious mind twofold. This is the prediction quality of your mind that deciphers data for you in a comprehensible manner. This happens without you being conscious of it.

#5 Hidden Mathmetician

Studies show that your brain can do arithmetic without you even being aware of it!

#6 Fully Automatic

Your mind continues learning long after you may have practiced a specific skill. Lets say you play the flute and you practice for half an hour to play one of the notes. The next time you pick up the flute your mouth will position itself just so that this above mentioned note will play more clear than ever before.

The reason for this is because as you were practicing your mind was gathering data. This mouth position produced a better sound than this position etc. So by the next session your mind sets up your mouth in the most effective way.

#7 Visualisation

Visualisation is a fairly known concept. Its the act of visualising a certain perfomance in your mind’s eye. I would term it simply as imagining. You are imagining a certain situation and placing yourself there and experiencing in your mind, as much as possible, all emotions and feelings that pertain to that excercise.

Athletes and actors use this method to enhance their performance.

Studies have shown that not only does visualising prepare you for your performance but it actually enhances your physical abilities and physical strength. In other words you can imagine weightlifting and your muscles will grow without lifting a thing!

#8 How Free Is Your Free Will?

Most of our choices are predetermined by our minds which made up its ‘mind’ before 8 years of age. All your likes and dislikes have roots in previous experiences.

There is definitely a small area of choice where a person can actually change and move in a positive direction. The rule of the thumb is that generally doing something because it is objectively the correct thing to do but at the same time you are uncomfortable with the decision is free will and vice versa.

A simple example of this is someone who has overeating issues by working on controlling their eating effectively in small measures is only possible because of free will. Otherwise the subconscious mind would have ultimate power.

#9 Creating Change

This is why we can’t change so easily. Because all our experiences and the resulting conclusions are embedded in our minds with powerful reasoning.

You might feel ugly and every friend and aquaintance will tell you otherwise. Even the mirror might tell you that you’re pretty but you’ll still stick to your story. The reasoning of your subconscious says to you, “my mother/father/sibling/friends said I was ugly” etc. and brings lots of ‘proof’ to back your story.

#10 You Might Want To Skip This One

I think this last but not least fact is the most thought provoking of the lot.

Many of us set ourselves up for failure because of our subconscious conditioning.

What do I mean by this? To accomplish anything in life you’re going to bump into deadends and impasses. Thats life.

Now there two schools of thought on how to proceed. There are the successful people who say to themselves, “oh, I’m stuck. Lets find a different route.” and they succeed in life, they achieve.

Then there are the failures who settle down by the deadend and start telling themselves all sorts of things, “you see, you’re a failure. I knew I wouldn’t manage.” Eventually they pick themselves up and head for another self fulfilling prophecy.

The difference between the two is small but with huge implications. You’ve got to take charge of your life and understand that setbacks are part and parcel of success. Go on, find another route.

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